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Carpet care tips

Top ten carpet care tips

  1. Take your shoes off – you won’t just stop messy footprints you’ll prevent shoe soles with grips damaging carpet pile
  2. Vacuum regularly
  3. Re-organising/changing your furniture positions regularly can reduce wear and tear
  4. When your carpet pile starts to look flat, vacuum against the direction of the pile to help lift it
  5. Your new carpet may shed fluff but vacuum it regularly so it doesn’t clog the pile
  6. Deal with spills quickly so they’re less likely to stain
  7. Mop up spills gently using a clean white cloth – don’t rub!
  8. Don’t believe the old wives’ tales – salt and white wine aren’t good for cleaning red wine, or anything else!
  9. If you’re using cleaning products on spills, make sure they’re designed for wool carpets
  10. If in doubt, call in the experts. Your carpet is an investment so it’s worth getting help with a tricky stain

It’s inevitable that accidental spills are going to happen. The best thing to do in many cases is soak up as much liquid as possible with a clean cloth or kitchen towel. If it hasn’t soaked in yet, a final wipe leaving the pile in the right direction may do the trick.

Whatever the spill, remember:

  • Deal with it quickly so it’s less likely to stain
  • Don’t rub or you’ll damage the yarn
  • Don’t use salt or white wine on a red wine spill (or anything else!).
  • Work from the outside inwards to limit the affected area
  • Use a cleaner designed for wool, working it in with a brush, sponge or cloth, then rinsing
  • If you’re in any doubt, call a professional carpet cleaner

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